Friday, March 23, 2012


It's been many moons since I last blogged about the mundane of my life but lately there have been too many hilarious stories NOT to share!  So welcome to our crazy life! 
We are:
Me - the mom.  Works full time outside the home, PTA President of a fabulous public Mon.tessori program in a richly diverse school district (I am sure there will be tons of posts about the school, the district, and my falling down the rabbit hole into PTA-land).  Oh and just for fun, recently diagnosed with Rheu.matoid Arthritis.  Because I needed something else to deal with, right?
Beavis (not his real name): my dear husband.  Loves all things 80's hair bands (yes, really and why I'll call him Beavis).  Works full time too and frequently comes home and looks around with a "how did I get here look?".  We are an overwhelming bunch
Ryan: Oldest son.  Born in October 2004.  Drama king all around.  Tempramental, sensitive and sweet.  LOVED musical theater and wants nothing more than a starring role.  Has attended a few local auditions but there are few parts for a seven year old. In his second year of Lower Elementary at afore mentioned Mont.essori school.  Loves: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel Superheros, the music of Stephen Sondehim (most notable Into the Woods).  Most likely to be: a waiter (trying to be an actor)
Rachel: The baby girl.  Born in June 2006 (a mere 20 months after her big brother) 6 weeks early.  6 years later I guess that's all I have to say about that.  LOVES sports and motorcycles.  HATES dresses and dolls.  Still trying to figure out how she came from me.  Sweet, kind, adorable :) Described by her teachers as a "good citizen of the class" and a "role model" to the younger students (yeah, it's Mont.essori, what can I say?!).  In her last year of Primary.  Leaving her cocoon and heading to the big scary world of elementary.  She'll be fine.  I may not.  Takes violin lessons.  Says she hates it but is pretty good.  Counting down until she can learn the guitar (I told her for her 10th birthday).  Most likely to be: a nutritionist.  I mean how many 5 year olds inquire about red food dye and HFCS in their school snacks?  Mine does (and I am secretly incredibly proud because it means someone listens to me!!!)
Joey: The baby.  The monster.  Trouble in blond curls.  Spawn of possibly.  Born in an incredibly quick labor in January 2008.  Came out screaming and hasn't stopped since.  Crawled at 5 months and walked at 8. Learned to climb the counters before his First birthday.  The reason we have locks on everything.  Started his first year of Mont.essori in September.  I sent  him off, wished his teacher good luck and RAN.  She says he is an angel.  Follows the rules and gets upset when others don't.  I still think she has my kid mixed up with someone else.  Loves: mischief, mayhem. Seeks: world domination.  Most likely to be: an extreme snow boarder.

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  1. Time to update! I'm sure things have changed drastically around your house in the last 7 or 8 months.